Software Architecture to Adapt Current and Future Business Needs

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The current market is changing very fast and it is very crucial to architect application in a way so that it can easily adapt the market changes and needs. Software Architecture should allow businesses to stay competitive and profitable, and meet the growing needs of clients.

Software architecture should be based on following attributes-

APIs (Microservices or SOA)

An application should have well-defined APIs and these APIs should be distributed, loosely-coupled, highly scalable. These services should be built to change instead of built to last and can be replaced quickly as per business needs.

UI components

Web app or mobile app should be a separate application and it should consume the APIs to perform the UI operations.

Security architecture

Token-based security should be used to secure the APIs, this approach makes system scalable and easy to integrate with any type of client applications.

Testing automation

BDD or TDD approach should be used to develop an application. Unit-testing and Integration-testing should be automated to implement the CI (continues integration) and functional-testing should be automated to implement the CD (continuous delivery or continuous deployment).

Cloud native 

Cloud-native approach advantages are Auto-provisioning (Manage Resources automatically), Auto-scaling (Handle Continuous Business Needs automatically) and Auto-redundancy (Minimize Failure Risks automatically).


Application containerization and orchestration give us many advantages like platform independence (build it once, run it anywhere), resource efficiency and density, speed ( start, create, replicate or destroy containers in seconds), immense and smooth scaling and improved developer productivity and development pipeline.


Ensure faster time-to-market/delivery times that improve ROI.

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