Software Architecture to Adapt Current and Future Business Needs

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The current market is changing very fast and it is very crucial to architect application in a way so that it can easily adapt the market changes and needs. Software Architecture should allow businesses to stay competitive and profitable, and meet the growing needs of clients.

Software architecture should be based on following attributes-

APIs (Microservices or SOA)

An application should have well-defined APIs and these APIs should be distributed, loosely-coupled, highly scalable. These services should be built to change instead of built to last and can be replaced quickly as per business needs.

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How Cryptocurrency works, let’s find it through demo

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 What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is mathematical protected distributed digital file (ledger) that lists accounts and money and it is maintained by the network of peers.

Cryptocurrency is not controlled by any government or a central authority like Bank whereas fiat currency is issued and controlled by a government.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain-

Blockchain enables cryptocurrency to move from one person to another person.

Let’s understand cryptocurrency concepts and how it works through a demo app.

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Blockchain – Basic concepts

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Let’s understand Blockchain and how it works in simple language and through hands-on exercises.

The blockchain is like a distributed database (ledger) where everyone can securely access the data. It is a continuously growing list of records, linked and secured using cryptography.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are based on blockchain technology and there are many companies have started to use blockchain technology for their different types of applications.

Blockchain technology is based on the following concepts-

    1. Hashing
    2. Block in a Blockchain
    3. A Chain of Blocks
    4. A Distributed Chain of Blocks

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Asymmetric (Public-key) cryptography

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Asymmetric cryptography

Asymmetric cryptography is based on the public-private key pair. The public key and its corresponding private key are linked together through their internal mathematical structure. The public key can be shared with everyone but the private key must be kept secret.

There are two main use of Asymmetric cryptography-

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How to implement Microservices Architecture – Configuration Management

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Why and how to externalize configuration in a distributed (Microservices) system?

We need a central place to manage external properties for all Microservices across all environments. How we can implement it using Spring Cloud Config.

This is the second article on the microservices implementation and we will discuss the details of config server and config client implementation. Please go to Microservices Overview if you would like to read more about microservices and looking for other distributed pattern implementation.

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How to implement Microservices Architecture – Overview

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How to implement Microservices Architecture?

How can we implement Microservices architecture easily and quickly as per industry standards? The industries are moving towards Microservices Architecture because there are many benefits compared to the Monolithic application.  But there are few things we should consider carefully before adopting Microservices architecture. A monolithic application or hybrid models like the combination of monolithic application and microservices would be a better choice as per business requirements.

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Microservices Security – OAuth2 and OpenID Connect

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Microservices Security

Modern applications are designed and deployed as a collection of loosely coupled domain/business driven services based on Microservices architecture. These services and web applications should be stateless and decoupled so that can be deployed, scaled in the cloud easily. Token based security is heart of Microservices Security and it used to secure Microservices services instead of traditional cookie (form) based security.

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Mobile App type – Choose the right App type

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Mobile App type-

Are you going to develop a mobile app? There are many technologies available to develop a mobile App and it is not easy to select  a Mobile App type.  You should evaluate all options before starting the development.

There are three major categories of mobile apps, ‘Native apps‘, ‘Hybrid apps‘ and ‘Cross Platform apps‘.

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